Session 2

Current, Voltage, and Temperature Sensors

Chairman: Andrea Baschirotto

Tuesday 7th April


  1. Advancements In Current Sensing for Future Automotive Applications – Andreas Kucher (Infineon-Austria)
  2. Next Generation Current Sense Interfaces For The IoT Era – Paul Walsh (Cypress Semiconductor, Ireland)
  3. Precision Voltage Sensing In Deep Sub-Micron And It’s Challenges- Ivan O’ Connell (MCCI, Ireland)
  4. Breaking Unusual Barriers In Sensor Interfaces: From Minimum Energy To Maximum Area- Eugenio Cantatore (Eindhoven University, The Netherlands)
  5. Thermal Sensor and Reference Circuits based on a Time-Controlled Bias of pn-Junctions in FinFET Technology Matthias Eberlein (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)
  6. Resistor-Based Temperature Sensors – Sining Pan  (University Delft, The Netherlands)

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